Platte County, MO

The up and coming housing market in the greater Kansas City area.

While Platte County is definitely a tried-and-true suburb of Kansas City, it is just now coming into its own as a fast-growing hub of housing and entertainment. Reaching all the way from Riverside to Dearborn, and Farley to Smithville, this is a huge expanse of land waiting to be enjoyed by any homebuyer. The southern end of the county is dominated by the Barry Road/Tiffany Springs neighborhood of businesses, including Zona Rosa outdoor shopping center. This is also home to the Kansas City International Airport. Just north of KCI is Platte City, and beyond that are the charming small towns of Weston and Dearborn. Platte County will be booming with growth in the next few years, as the Twin Creeks development begins its construction. Reported to rival Gladstone in size when finished, this new community will include single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, and apartments in addition to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Platte County will soon be “the place to be” for new homeowners in Kansas City.

For more Information about Platte County and what this beautiful county has to offer please visit Platte County Community