Parkville, MO

A historic hamlet in the ideal location.

One of the most popular places to go in the Kansas City area, Parkville is a special blend of history, modern living, local flavor, and urban amenities. The historic main street takes you back in time and offers delightful restaurants and shops, before leading you to English Landing Park and Park University, both perched on the banks of the Missouri River. Just 1 minute north you will find the more modern area of town, with many well-known businesses and a growing housing market. Parkville is home to upscale subdivisions such as Riss Lake and Monticello, while also offering historic homes and duplexes that can be acquired as rental or renovation properties. Part of the Park Hill School District, and only 5-10 minutes from downtown, Parkville is a definite “must see” for any Kansas City homebuyer.

For more information about the historical Parkville please feel free to visit Parkville community.